The Vineyard

Estate Vineyard

Cambria, California is a small village nestled among towering pines that unfold along scenic Highway 1 just south of the historic and famous Hearst Castle. Our estate vineyard is located in a coastal valley just outside the town center, only a few miles from the water's edge, and just over the coastal mountains from the Westside Paso Robles wine region.

Climate & Terroir

Planted in 2001, our estate vineyard, named Riven Rock Vineyard, lies 6.5 miles from the Pacific Ocean and just east of the town of Cambria. Seven acres of vines grace south-facing slopes in a cool climate frequented by ocean breezes and morning fog. Lean, rocky, marine-origin soils and steep hillsides produce very small yields of extremely concentrated fruit, while the maritime influence keeps the acids fresh and vibrant.

Riesling & Pinot Noir

We've planted two acres of Riesling and five acres of Pinot Noir in small blocks, utilizing multiple clones to develop depth and complexity in the wines. California continues to awe us with its perfect terroir for the Pinot Noir we love. We've planted a number Pinot Noir clones, including Pommard 5, 115, 667, 828, and 23.


Cambria has always had a sense of place for Francis and Lisa Cutruzzola. As longtime wine connoisseurs, they have travelled the world for decades enjoying wines from everywhere imaginable. After many years living in Sonoma County and frequently visiting the Paso Robles wine region, they fell in love with the landscape, the people, and most importantly, the wine. It was only a matter of time before they found the perfect plot of land to plant their estate vineyard.

Local winemaker Stephen Dooley of Stephen Ross Cellars came on board in 2009 to help cultivate and produce the Cutruzzola Riesling and Pinot Noir. Stephen is a U.C. Davis graduate (1977) with winemaking experience that has taken him around the world to exotic locales such as the Napa Valley, the Australian outback, and the South African Cape. For Stephen, winemaking has turned out to be a passport to adventure. Experiences and insights reaped along the way have played a significant part in shaping his personal winemaking style.